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Here you will find links to all the cocker spaniel puppy and dog advice pages within our web, use the GREEN links to navigate!
~ General information about the breed (Cocker Spaniels)
~ History of the Breed (Cocker Spaniels)
~ Show type cockers vs. working cockers – what is the difference?
~ Cocker Spaniel coat colours
~ Images showing the difference between “roan” & “and white” puppies when newborn/young
~ Thought provoking information on how to decide if a Cocker Spaniel would fit your lifestyle & if you are ready for the commitment of dog ownership
~ Buying a pedigree puppy
~ The cost of buying a pedigree cocker spaniel puppy
~ Breakdown of costs of cocker ownership including initial expense & ongoing costs
~ How to approach & work with a breeder
~ Questions to ask a breeder before buying your puppy
~ Choosing a puppy – guide to selecting a puppy in from a litter
~ Useful information on the benefits of acquiring your puppy from a reputable source
~ Information about what makes a breeder reputable
~ Information about how to find a reputable breeder
~ Warning signs of a less reputable breeder
~ Details about the various types of breeder:
~ Information about the importance of puppy socialisation
~ Health issues affecting the breed (Cocker Spaniels):
~ Information about essential health screening for dogs used for breeding:
~ Overview of eye diseases found in Cocker Spaniels
~ Overview of the genetics of the inheritance of prcd-PRA & FN
~ Show strain cocker coat colour genetics
~ Information about how to care for a cockers coat
~ Photos of a cocker being “stripped” (in a show trim)
~ Cocker Spaniel weight chart
~ How to visually judge a dogs correct weight
~ Feeding guide calculator