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Cocker Spaniel Puppy Information

Powerscourt Cocker Spaniels are dedicated & responsible breeders of cocker spaniel puppies who aim to offer owners a quality, healthy, well reared, happy & well socialised puppy.

We only breed parti-coloured cockers (not solid black/gold/chocolate).

We only have a small number of puppies (show type, we don’t breed working cockers) and therefore do not have puppies constantly available – we are not big breeders, we like to give any litter we have lots of attention & love.

Please check our Planned Litters/Puppy Availability page for information about current availability and future litter plans.

ALL our dogs are genetically free of prcd-PRA and FN.  According to current scientific data this should ensure our puppies are hereditary clear.

Cocker Spaniel Puppy InformationCocker Spaniel PuppiesCocker Spaniel Puppy

Our puppies have healthy, happy and good-natured parents. They are reared in our home in a clean, stimulating, loving and caring environment.

We worm our puppies fortnightly and they are always given a full health check-up by our Vet and micro-chipped before leaving us for their new homes.

Babies leave us at 8 weeks of age with a puppy pack containing a Contract of Sale, microchip documentation, KC Registration document, food, diet sheet, toys and a comprehensive puppy care booklet covering everything owner’s need to know about raising a cocker puppy/dog also accompanies each puppy.

Our puppies also get many opportunities to play with our adult dogs; this gives them every chance to learn ‘doggie’ skills that foster good canine social skills and behaviour.

We also have three lovely dog friendly cats that are more than willing to play with the ‘babies’!

Powerscourt Cocker PuppiesPowerscourt Cocker PuppiesPowerscourt Cocker Puppies

We are located in beautiful and picturesque Herefordshire (not far from J7 of the M5).

Our aim is to have a litter when we wish to keep a puppy for ourselves & the remainder of the litter are placed in devoted & caring family homes.

We have a lifetime commitment to our puppies & we actively encourage our puppy owners to keep in touch with us and are happy to offer advice & help whenever needed.

As responsible breeders we will always help re-home any of our pups/dogs should this be required at some stage in their lives.

Before the puppy leaves our home, they have been lovingly reared & socialised. However, like all puppies, our pups do not go to their new homes as fully trained, well-mannered and obedient dogs. Owners are responsible for the further development of the puppy’s personality, through guidance, training and love.

breeders of cocker spaniel puppiesPowerscourt Cocker PuppiesPowerscourt Cocker Puppies