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Here you will find links to all the main pages within our web, use the GREEN links to navigate!
~ Information about Powerscourt Cocker Spaniels
~ About us
~ Photos, information & pedigrees of our current show dogs
~ Photos, information & pedigrees of our angels, gone but never forgotten
~ A page devoted to information about our cocker spaniel stud dogs
~ Various snippets of news from Powerscourt
~ Very occasionally we have mature adults & older puppies looking for new homes
~ Information about our puppies
~ Up-to-date information on current & future cocker spaniel litter plans
~ A selection of photos of our dogs relaxing at home and out & about
~ A selection of puppy photos taken at various stages of growth
~ A selection of videos taken of the dogs relaxing & puppies playing
~ News & comments from owners of Powerscourt dogs
~ Each year we hold a picnic for our owners, here are some photos
~ Details of the DBD course completed by Powerscourt
~ Details of the Advanced Canine Care course completed by Powerscourt
~ Link to the “Site Map” for authorised user only pages
~ A link to our puppy buying advice, cocker health information and useful cocker ownership/care information site index